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S.S. PORTABLE FM. Model - M 502

S.S. PORTABLE FM. Model - M 502

Before operating the flourmill firstly ensure assembly of the head on base with outlet remaining on the left side and then fit in the three knobs of delivery cover

S.S. PORTABLE FM. Model - M 502

Next fit in the hopper on the flour mill.

S.S. PORTABLE FM. Model - M 502

On accomplishing the grinding, remove the hopper for cleaning by unscrewing all the knobs. Lift up the delivery cover and clean up the emery stone with the brush if essential.

In case of the flourmill not commencing the operation after switching on then press on to the booster switch releasing it immediately after switching on.

S.S. PORTABLE FM. Model - M 502
S.S. PORTABLE FM. Model - M 502


→     For achieving the optimum performance of the flour mill it is essential to give a break to the flour mill for an hour after an hour's every constant grinding.

→     The emery stones sometime accumulates a thin layer of flour owing to continuous thin grinding which ultimately drops the average grinding capacity. Grinding of rough and coarser wheat will help to maintain its average grinding.

→     No moisturized or oily material should be grounded and if so required it should be dried and roasted before the grinding.

→     Keep the regulator at No. 01 while assembling the delivery cover and cleaning the stones.

→     Resetting of the pin is essential by one hole ahead after use of the flour mill for one year to ensure getting continued desired mess.

→     The replacement of the flour mill is only made in case of electric motor getting burnt off as otherwise all essential normal repairs shall be carried out.

→     As the working of the electric motor has been designed to operate at 900 RPM the flour is protected from getting overheated which ultimately ensure preserving quality aspects of the grains in tact after grinding.

→     Especially in case of grinding Mari Masalas the flour mill should not be worked continuously for more than 30 minutes at a time.

→     The grinding of maize is strictly prohibited as it breaks the stones.

→     Before Grinding of turmeric it should be cut into small pieces of chana size for further grinding it in fine mess.


→     Providing earthing is a prime necessity before start of the flourmill as improper earthing is likely to cause electrical hazard.

→     It is essential to dry up the grains in sunlight before grinding particularly in monsoon season due to damp weather.

→     It is suggested to grind 10 Kgs of flour in fine mess (for Roti) and then grinding of coarser mess (for Bhakhri) flour is recommended for better performance of the flourmill.

→     Turn the regulator handle towards coarse when a handful of grains are left out while grinding which will bring the left out flour inside out.

→    The Booster switch should be used when

(A) You stop the Flour Mill during the course of grinding.

(B) If the hopper is filled up before commissioning of the flour mill.


→     Switching on the flourmill dry handedly.

→     Running the flourmill with properly earthed three-pin connection.

→     Make it a point to use dry grains for achieving optimum grinding performance.

→     Touching the delivery cover only after it has cooled down.

→     The cleaning of the flourmill be done with dry cloths or the brush already provided.


→    Switching on the flourmill with damp hands is strictly restricted.

→    Never operate the flourmill without earthing.

→    Never use moisturized grains for grinding.

→    The delivery cover is always hot while operating the flourmill. Do not touch it.

→    The use of water, wet cloth or brush is strictly prohibited.


While making Dal from the pulses such as Chana, Mag, Udad, Tuver etc., the setting pin in the middle of the round label has to be removed. keep the regulator handle at No. 05 and then remove the setting pin.

Now lift the stone upwards by rotating the regulator handle by 2.5-3.0 rotations in the coarse direction. In the case of getting the Dal in broken conditions rotate the handle in fine direction.

After making of the Dal the handle should be rotated towards fine directions by 2.5 3.0 rotations as otherwise the wheat grains will come out in wholesome while grinding.

Grinding Capacity Per Hour (Approx.)

Wheat 8 Kg.
Juwar 8 Kg.
Millet 8 Kg.
Rice (Course) 6 Kg.
Chana 10 Kg.
Adad 10 Kg.
Mag 10 Kg.
Rawo 10 Kg.
Coriander (Dry) 10 Kg.
Black Paper 8 Kg.
Dry Chilly 7 Kg.
Dried Ginger 8 Kg.

Technical Specifications

Weight 26 Kgs. (Approx.)
Size 60 x 20 x 30 Cms. (Approx.)
Size of Emery Stone 150 mm Dia (6")
Temperature 55 to 65 C after 1/2 hour
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Motor Specifications 1 H.P., 960 rpm, 230 V AC. 50Hz Single Phase
Over Load Switch 6 Amp.

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